Sample Projects


We work on a variety of projects for industry leading companies. This is a sample of past projects.

  • For a manufacturer of IP communications equipment, development and delivery of a 1-day leader-led product introduction workshop for a new IP PBX targeted at SMBs. The highly successful workshop targeted channel partners and was delivered to resellers in 40 cities.

  • For an international communication equipment manufacturer, development and delivery of a 1-day leader-led workshop focused on their industry alliance with another global provider, and their unified communications products portfolio. The highly successful sessions were targeted at the company's internal sales force and partners, and conducted across North America, Europe, and Asia.

  • For a regional broadband provider, development and hosting of an online sales tool that provides sellers with general product information, a bandwidth calculator, and a network drawing tool. The product information includes business categories (retail, health care, manufacturing, professional services, etc.), business drivers, and probing questions to ask.

  • For a telecommunications service provider, development of six web-based courses on business line custom calling features. The courses presented the product features and customer benefits, and the regulations and rate structure for each state served by the provider.

  • For the customer care arm of a telecommunications company, development of two web-based product courses focused on the companies IP-based product offerings. The Dedicated Internet Access and Network VPN courses are part of an overall IP products curriculum, and provides the product knowledge component prior to students attending leader-led order process training.

  • For a regional services company, development of a web-based course provided to end-customers to use in learning about the service. The course used screen animations to illustrate how to use the browser-based application.
  • For a regional telecommunications provider, development of a four and one half day IP fundamentals course designed to enhance installation and repair technicians performance in completing certifications exams from manufacturers like Cisco and Nortel. The hands-on course included the IP sub-netting exercises using Cisco routers and switches.
  • For a regional services company, development of a two-day webinar-based course designed for Customer Care Service Consultants and Customer Service Associates who have order management responsibilities for the company’s Integrated Voice/Data Solutions package. The course is designed to present information in a modular and tiered manner to facilitate “plug-and-play” use of individual modules.
  • For a regional service provider, development of 14 web-based courses on network services and voice and data equipment. CLS worked with a partner company, and the client's product training specialists, to create an engaging learning interface and interactive learning experience. The web-based courses are use as part of a blended learning solution that includes online learning, field experience and leader-led learning.

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